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The application "Total Recall!" is designed to remind you of birthdays as well as other events.


Key features of Total Recall!:
- Autorun at system startup helps not to forget someone's birthday;
- The program displays the events of the current date and the events that will come soon;
- You can configure the number of days for advance notice of upcoming events;
- You can navigate through the dates and view a list of events of those days;
- The program calculates and shows ages of persons;
- A list of dates is easy to edit, because it is a plain text file;
- You can print congratulation directly from the program;
- You can choose your background for printing;
- The program includes the file with tips how to work and how to customize the application;
- Russian and English are supported;
- The program can be minimized to an icon;
- The program has a beautiful interface;
- The program is absolutely free.

History of changes

1.0 - first published version.

- buttons are added to navigate to the previous or to the next date;
- fixed some errors;
- tray icon animation is disabled.

1.2 - path to the file with events data is changed because of problems with compatibility with Windows Vista/7/8.

1.3 - program calculates and shows ages of persons.

- two languages are supported (english, russian);
- three kind of events can be showed separately;
- the structure of the file with events data was changed;
- not only current but upcoming events can be showed;
- user can choose another file with events data;
- user can choose background image to print congratulation;
- the program became customizable.


Download Total Recall! as executable file from this site (freeware, exe, 1.8 MB)

Download Total Recall! as compressed file from this site (freeware, zip, 1.8 MB)

Download Total Recall! from Dropbox (freeware, exe, 1.8 MB)