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The software dbfHeaderEdit is designed to view and modify headers of DBF-files. Editing of DBF headers in some cases can help you to recover data from corrupted tables. Usually, to repair corrupted DBF header you have to know the structure of DBF-table and its header as well as the used codes. The dbfHeaderEdit gives you all necessary information in a very plain form, so you can repair table in a few clicks.


dbfHeaderEdit can modify:
- table type;
- last modification date (value in the dbf-header, not the file date);
- count of records (value in the dbf-header, not actual records count);
- first record offset;
- record length;
- code page;
- flags for structured indexes and memo-fields;
- link to database file;
and show additional information such as fields' names and types.

dbfHeaderEditdbfHeaderEdit can't modify fileds or view data in records, cause there's a lot of good software for such purpose.

The program needs no installation and can start from any media (HDD, FDD, CD, DVD, USB-flash, etc.).

Since version 1.1 you can choose interface language (english or russian). Initial interface language is automatically assigned to operating system default language.

In version 1.2 you can fully edit a link to a database file. Table name can be used now as command line parameter.

Example of command line:

dbfHeaderEdit.exe table1.dbf
dbfHeaderEdit.exe d:\database\users.dbf
dbfHeaderEdit.exe "c:\Documents and Settings\User\Documents\count.dbf"
dbfHeaderEdit.exe \\server\base\plan.dbf

In version 1.3 program checks if the first byte of opened file is a legal indetificator of DBF-table. Also program compares real size of file and size of file evaluated from records size and count.

In version 1.4 program calculates count of records when real file size doesn't match its evaluated size. Also fixed some errors.

In version 1.5 fixed a few bugs, relating to info about DBC, to field descriptions, to saving files opened from the command line.

Note: dbfHeaderEdit is initially created for personal needs and has no detailed help information. It is desirable to learn more about DBF-structure before use the program.

Download dbfHeaderEdit from this site (freeware, zip, 260 kB)

Download dbfHeaderEdit from Dropbox (freeware, zip, 260 kB)